About Us

Equipping the World's experts

From the creators of LawGuru.com, AdviceTool is the next step in the evolution of online expert advice.

Having operated LawGuru.com for over 13 years and having produced over 600,000 answers to the public's legal questions, our team recognized that while a number of "expert advice" sites existed, all of them required that those seeking an adviser's expertise access it through only one doorway - the advice site itself. But as any architect can tell you, a house built with only one doorway isn't very well designed.

Unfortunately, the problem remained that experts did not have the tools to provide their online expertise to users who found them through their own website, an article they authored or their blog. Essentially, the expert was forced to rely on the advice site's reputation, rather than their own. While this business model certainly has its place, we knew we could do more.

AdviceTool is a service that allows experts of all types and specialties to capitalize on their own hard-earned reputations. We provide the back-end and the processing of online paid questions from users that have already found you - through your website, article, directory profile or blog. Easy to implement question/answer windows allow you to finally capitalize and service visitors who need and want your expertise. A doorway is nice, but a house with a dozen windows is nicer.

Our Team

Our team has been involved in online advice for over a decade, making it one of the most experienced in this space. The team includes a talented group of individuals ranging from attorneys (who run the company) - to software engineers, programmers and designers (who constantly work to improving the site) - to customer service representatives (who tirelessly work to make sure our users experience is a good one).

Contacting Us

The AdviceTool.com website is owned and operated by WebSiteBroker, Inc. a California Corporation. You can contact us via our contact page or via snail mail at:

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You can reach us by phone at:
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