Easy for your customers
to ask you a question online.
Get paid for answering
your customer's questions.
Grow your customer base
with personal relationships.
AdviceTool allows you to create a personalized web-page where customers can
pay you a fee to answer their questions online. You decide the fee, you receive the
fee, we handle the payment processing. Simply add a link from your website or social
media page to your personalized AdviceTool questions page.
Sign Up
Answer Questions
Get Paid
You will receive a confirmation
email from AdviceTool granting
you access to our system.
Follow 6 easy steps in order
to get familiar with the system
and help you personalize
your questions page.
Once the customer has
submitted their question &
payment information, we will
send you an email notification.
AdviceTool will disburse
your Advisor Fees within
30 days following the
end of each month.



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