How It Works
Signing Up
The first step to becoming an adviser is filling out the Adviser Sign Up page with your
personal information. Shortly after submitting your information, you will receive a
confirmation email from AdviceTool granting you access to our system.
Once you have logged in to AdviceTool, read through the six steps under Getting
Started. The six steps will get you familiar with the system and help you personalize
your questions page.
Answering Questions
Your Customer will arrive at your website, click on the "ask question" button and be
transfered to your personalized AdviceTool Page. There, they will ask you a question and
provide payment information. Once submitted, we will immediately send you an email notification.
Getting Paid
AdviceTool will disburse your adviser Fees within 30 days following the end of each
month. We can issue payment to your paypal account or by mailing you a check. To
cover operation and payment processing costs, AdviceTool will deduct a service fee.